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HVAC and more since 1984

Barry started out in HVAC helping his dad, Dick Morris, and Morris Improvement. He worked with his family by the time he was 12 years old. By the age of 16, Barry was already learning about furnaces and air conditioners at his father's side. Barry builds on his experience through continuous training and technical improvement, and cares deeply about maintaining his excellent reputation.

A1 Morris Heating & Cooling is an independent heating and air conditioning contractor located in Davenport, Iowa, serving the entire Quad Cities and Quad City area. Our HVAC services include residential and commercial repairs, new installations, retrofits, indoor air quality products and services along with zoning systems, and much more.

Our professional and experienced installers and technicians specialize in residential and commercial, gas, hybrid heating and air conditioning systems. We are experienced in all types and brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. We are proud to be a Trane Comfort Specialist, which guarantees your installation is in the top 10% of quality installations in the nation.

Barry started working in the family business in 1984 for his father, Dick Morris. Barry did a whole lot of hands-on learning, found all the technical training he could possibly get his hands on, and attended trade schools and factory trainings all across the country. Barry and his dad invested heavily in training to stay ahead of the competition. Barry has grown this business over thirty years and benefitted his customers through efficient HVAC system design and installations, a professional regard for safety, the selection of proper equipment, and much more. Our operations manager, Dan has been in the trade for over 20 years himself, with lots of experience in residential replacement, geothermal, radiant heat, and lots of commercial service and installations.

Trane has been innovating heating systems since James Trane and his son, Reuben began manufacturing James' low-pressure system in 1910. Reuben, a mechanical engineer, invented the convector radiator in the early 1920's, which solidified the Trane company as a leading innovator in the heating and air conditioning business. This well-earned reputation continues through today.

At A1 Morris Heating & Cooling, our focus is on providing our customers with quality products, customer service and well-trained employees. We are Trane Comfort Specialists and an authorized Trane dealer. This means our employees are kept abreast of the latest technological changes in the Trane HVAC systems and have the expertise to make sure your HVAC system provides maximum comfort, is reliable and operates efficiently. A1 Morris Heating & Cooling services all major brands.

Barry chose Trane because of their extensive business and technical training and because of the reliability of their equipment. Trane and A1 Morris Heating & Cooling are working to get people beyond simple box furnaces to think in terms of total comfort. Trane invest in developing quality products, provide exceptional support, and they believe in advancing HVAC technology.

We strive to be the best in HVAC. Doing our best work and developing long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers is more important to us than being the biggest HVAC operation in the Quad Cities.

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Furnaces. Humidifiers. Ductless mini-splits.

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Air Conditioners. We service all brands.

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No job too big, no roof too high.

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We are total comfort specialists.

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Our services

What we do best


Furnace, Furnace

Of course we install furnaces. As many as you like. And with proper planning and ductwork, you'll get peak efficiency with total comfort.


Before & After

Nothing is better on a cold winter night than a nice, cozy fireplace. A1 Morris will install a fireplace in your new construction as well as your furnace and ductwork. That is what total comfort is all about.

Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating

We can install a radiant heating system under a floor in new construction to keep you in total comfort from your feet on up.

Two Trane AC

Double AC Units

Check out this clean installation, nice and level and tidy. For houses with a lot of area, sometimes two units can complete the task better than one.

Multi Split AC

Mini-Split Unit

Great for areas you can't run ductwork, such as a four season room or a separate structure. The ductless mini-split is ultra high efficiency, electric heating and cooling.

AC Testing

Perfectly Tuned

Even on brand new units, you shouldn't neglect regular annual maintenance to keep the unit clean and working at peak efficiency.


Another Option

Geothermal HVAC systems are among the most energy efficient systems available. Depending on the situation, typical energy savings are from 25% to 70%.

Geothermal Work

Geothermal Installation

Geothermal heating and cooling systems take advantage of the stable temperature underground using a piping system, commonly referred to as a loop.

Geothermal System

Geothermal Accomplished

Water circulates in the loop to exchange heat between your home, the ground source heat pump, and the earth, providing geothermal heating, cooling, and hot water at remarkably high efficiencies.

TCS family

Total Comfort

As a certified Trane Comfort Specialst, A1 Morris Heating & Cooling is dedicated to providing our customers with the best installation and service available. Through continuing education and a commitment to excellent customer service, we stay current with Trane's newest technologies in the HVAC and air purification systems.

TCS logo

Trane Assurance

Trane not only takes their products seriously, they also know that installation, maintenance and service have to be held to the same excellence to assure quality is never diminished wherever Trane is used. That is the reason for certified Trane Comfort Specialists.

Nexia home

Latest Technology

Trane designs and meticulously tests their products to be long lasting and dependable. They test individual parts and re-engineer them to pass industry standards. Trane has been associated with reliable products for 102 years and they aren't about to quit now.

AC testing

Proper Maintenance

Quality maintenance check-ups help keep your home or office HVAC system working properly. Everyone is happier and more productive in a comfortable atmosphere. It's better for your office equipment and computer systems, too. We offer maintenance contracts.

Ductwork Work

Load Balancing

Good HVAC system design creates greater efficiency, enhancing your total comfort level for less money than many poorly designed systems with lesser effectiveness. Proper load balance can also help you avoid costly repairs.

Roof Work

Out of Sight...

...Out of Mind. Even when your units are on the roof, remember they need regular service, cleanings, and filter changes. Check out our service agreements and let us worry about proper maintenance.


Custom Plenum

This is a high efficiency plenum, custom designed with tin bent by hand for a perfect fit to provide peak efficiency and better air delivery for total comfort.


Industrial Ductwork

This custom ductwork was designed for a commercial space for an attractive industrial look while at the same time accommodating the space for optimal efficiency.

kitchen hood

Custom Kitchen

This oven range hood was custom designed from the kitchen through the attic to optimize airflow and reduce the spread of cooking odors through the rest of the house.

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Recent Work

for Perfect Working Conditions

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Everyone is happier and more productive in a comfortable atmosphere, and so is your equipment. And regular inspections can make sure it stays that way.

Perfectly suited for each home

Big AC

The right amount of cooling for each home and properly designed ventilation, because better air quality means healthier living, even with lower utility bills.

Rooftop units with special care

Rooftop AC

No job is too big, and no job is too high. And with a service contract, you can have peace of mind even while your equipment can be out of sight.


What Clients Say

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Service Agreements

Contract A1

A customer service agreement offers greater convenience, cost savings, and priority service to our clients. For an annual, discounted fee, customers are scheduled for semiannual maintenance visits, including inspections for furnace and air conditioning equipment, along with a service contract discount on all new parts and equipment.