A1 Morris Staff

Highly Motivated Professionals

A1 Morris Staff

Working As a Team

More like a family. A big, dysfunctional, sitcom family.
Barry Morris

«Know what I'm sayin?»

Barry Morris Emperor

Barry Morris

Owner and Founder

  • 30 Years in HVAC
  • Wears many hats
  • Service & Sales
  • Quality control
Hi, I'm Barry. When I'm not out in the field or in the office for A1 Morris, I'm probably playing my guitar. I'm a weekend warrior musician. I love craft breweries, and try to visit the good ones whenever I'm traveling. You might even catch me skiing or mountain biking in Colorado or at a show at Red Rocks.
Jamie Anderson

«Whatever it takes.»

Jamie Anderson Administration

Jamie Anderson

Business Manager

  • 3 years in HVAC
  • Many years in business
  • In-house IT support
I have been working with computers since I was a kid with a Commodore-64. I was at the University of Illinois when virtual reality and the world wide web were being pioneered there, but I was studying political science at the time. I earned two degrees in business but was an internet and IT consultant for many years before joining A1 Morris as the business manager. Public service and customer service have always been in my nature.
Dan Platt

«Let's rock this out.»

Dan Platt Operations

Dan Platt

Operations Manager

  • 20 Years in HVAC
  • Diverse HVAC background
  • Specialty in radiant
Coming Soon.
Kelly Nelson

«Happy to help.»

Kelly Nelson Office

Kelly Nelson


  • Talks to customers
  • Talks to employees
  • Keeps us coordinated
Hi, my name is Kelly. Since I cannot brewery hop for a living, I am working at A1 Morris - the next best thing. Love my job, my co-workers, and this thing called life. Call me!
Eric Veyette

«Is it on the calendar?»

Eric Veyette Service

Eric Veyette

Senior Service Tech

  • Lots of Years in HVAC
  • Senior Service Tech
  • Specialty in electrical
Coming Soon.
Donavan Duffey

«Happy to be A1.»

Donavan Duffey Operations

Donavan Duffey

Senior Installer

  • Several Years in HVAC
  • Installs furnaces
  • Installs ACs, and more.
Coming Soon.
Brennon Morris

«I'm on it.»

Brennon Morris Service

Brennon Morris

Service Technician

  • 7 Years in HVAC
  • Does load calculations
  • Specialty in airflow balancing
Coming Soon.
Blaise Morris

«Are you at the shop?»

Blaise Morris Service

Blaise Morris

Service Technician

  • 3 Years in HVAC
  • Also an installer
  • Specialty in the finishing details.
Coming Soon.
Keegan Loveless

«I do very good work!»

Keegan Loveless Operations

Keegan Loveless


  • 4 Years in HVAC
  • Learning the trade
  • Specialty in heating. And cooling.
Hi, I'm Keegan. I really really like cats. I have two kids. I wish I had a dog, too. Working at A1 Morris helps fund my life with animals and I also get to keep people comfortable in their homes!
Myan Davis-Roberts

«I need a good quote.»

Myan Davis-Roberts Operations

Myan Davis-Roberts


  • 3 Years in HVAC
  • Installer
  • Experienced with Trane
Coming Soon.
Michael Romanotto

«See you in May!»

Michael Romanotto Operations

Michael Romanotto


  • 2 years in HVAC
  • In Our Apprenticeship Program
  • Trane equipment specialty
Hi. My name is Michael. I'm new to A1 Morris and Iowa in general. I enjoy fishing and other outdoor activities whenever I get the chance! I also enjoy my leisure time and hanging out with people.
Jeramie Anderson

«On my way.»

Jeramie Anderson Operations

Jeramie Anderson


  • 1 Year in HVAC
  • Support Staff
  • Musician
Hi, my name is Jeramie! I'm new to A1 Morris Heating & Cooling. I'm really happy to be a part of this amazing team. I also play in a band, Condor & Jaybird.

Award Winning

Comfort Specialists

Customer driven.

The Benefits of Working with A1 Morris

01. Experts in their Field

Barry has over thirty years in HVAC. Dan is an expert in radiant heating as well as forced air systems.

02. New Ideas

We evaluate every situation and address any unique challenges. We take pride in the customer-pleasing results.

03. Premium Service

Eric is one of the most experienced service techs in the Quad Cities. Our younger techs are well trained and take pride in their work.

04. Customer Driven

We will never fail to go the extra mile to deliver on our promise of premium service and total comfort.

05. Professional Support

We expect to establish long-term relationships with our customers. We are always available, 24 hours and 7 days a week.

06. Maintenance

Our annual maintenance agreement is a tremendous bargain, and will help keep your system running in tip-top shape.

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